At ShopKeep we believe that we should never stop learning, and teaching each other is the best way to build the best possible team. One way way we percolate knowledge from one person to another is via our internal newsletters, which are written by our technologists for our technologists. The content varies; some are for internal eyes only (e.g. hackathons, policies, internal tooling tips), and others are more universally relevant (e.g. programming language improvements, new paradigms, open source tooling, engineering processes).

Check out one of our recent issues – written by Christina Saul, one of our Technical Project Managers – about tips and tricks for getting the most out of backlog refinement.

Daniel Rolnick ShopKeep

Daniel Rolnick

Daniel is the Chief Technology Officer for ShopKeep. Daniel leads the company's strategy across key technology initiatives, aligning technology-related decisions with the company's strategic vision. Prior to joining ShopKeep, Daniel served as Chief Technology Officer for Yodle, an online marketing service that helps local businesses build a strong online presence. Daniel spent the eight years prior at Barclays Capital working on POINT, a SaaS platform for 200 of the largest global investment portfolio managers, where he held the position of Head of POINT Application. Daniel received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology.