How cool are the instant surveys that Netflix does? They get results because people can give feedback in 1 click. Why can’t us mere mortals do stuff like that? Well with and we now can!

I wanted to get feedback from my customers that decided not to use our service in the quickest most non-intrusive way. The following shows how you too can do this:

1. Set up an email in Mailchimp with a simple question and then a few bullet point answers to the questions.

2. You can use to track clicks to each of these links but you may want to get more info from your customers than just the 1 click. So to do that you need to also use forms. Set up a form at and make the first field a ReasonCode field. Then use the URL Modification capabilities of to have the link prefill that ReasonCode field. You can also pre-fill their email address using the merge tags in

3. Next use the field rules in to choose which fields will display once the user lands on it. This way you can ask specific questions related to the link they clicked on. So for instance if they click my link that says “It was too hard to use” they will land on a page that ask if they would like a free 30 minute training session. But, if they click on the link that says “I went with a competitor” they will land on a page that ask who they went with.

4. Now you can track the click to the links in Mailchimp as part of your campaign but you can also get more detailed feedback in

ShopKeep Founder and CEO, Jason Richelson