Location Codes help you enjoy lower wait times and better service every time you call ShopKeep!

As we continue to work on improvements to ShopKeep’s phone service, we’re excited to tell you about the launch of Location Codes.

Your Location Code is a unique 6-digit number that has been assigned to each of your ShopKeep locations so that we can quickly identify exactly who you are and be prepared to assist you as soon as we pick up the phone. You may be prompted for your Location Code any time you call ShopKeep and you can simply enter the code on your phone’s keypad and you’re good to go.

If your account has access to phone-based care, you should have recently received an email with your specific Location Code (or Codes). In addition, the Location Code for any location can be found next to the phone number listed when you click “Help” in your BackOffice. If you do not have access to phone-based care, you will still have a Location Code in the same place in your BackOffice in case you need to find it.

We’re excited to continue finding ways to lower wait times and help you find the answers you need faster every time you contact us for support!

UPDATE (11/7/2017):

Exciting news! The latest Register release, version 2.19.0, now appends your six-digit Location Code to your Customer Care phone number anywhere it shows up in the Register, including the Diagnostics/Overview screen, the last page of the Help section, and on any error message.

This should make it even easier to find your Location Code and enjoy lower wait times and better service every time you call ShopKeep.

Richard Berger

Richard Berger

Richard Berger translates his years of experience in the startup & small business world into helpful advice for small business owners. As Director of Product Marketing at ShopKeep, the #1-rated iPad Point of Sale System, Richard has an unmatched understanding of POS system technology, and how it can be used to transform growing businesses.