Our newest mobile app gives you the ability to accept payments everywhere, and it’s an absolute game changer for anybody who needs to sell on the go, and any businesses that offer delivery or curbside pickup. Like ShopKeep Pocket by Lightspeed, ShopKeep Pay by Lightspeed is a companion app for businesses that use ShopKeep point of sale. Let’s see what it can do.

ShopKeep Pay Lets You Sell Anywhere

ShopKeep Pay is essentially a mobile cash register on your iPhone. You can open it up and start a new transaction in a few clicks, then accept payment via cash or credit card, letting you step away from your register to reach your customers where they are. 

“Business owners have told us that they need to accept payments and take sales from somewhere other than a tablet, like at trade shows, or at different spots throughout a store,” says Will Lynes, who helped lead the initiative that became ShopKeep Pay. “Once the pandemic hit, that feedback came into sharper focus as customers had to adapt their businesses to take payments safely.”

Of course, because ShopKeep Pay is part of the ShopKeep system, it’s already connected to your BackOffice and its powerful reporting tools. Every sale you make via the mobile app can be tracked and analyzed. 

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ShopKeep Pay Makes Deliveries Smoother 

Whether your business has always offered delivery or you’ve been forced to adapt during the Coronavirus pandemic, delivery creates another layer of complexity when it comes to completing a sale. ShopKeep Pay alleviates many of those pain points, making deliveries more pleasant for your customers and your employees.

Customers no longer have to ask themselves (or you) the age-old question: Where is my order? “Business owners can notify their customers when their orders are on the way,” says Kevin Cowan, a Senior Director of Engineering at ShopKeep. This feature is huge for restaurants, who might only have a feature like this available through third-party ordering apps. We all know that third-party app fees eat into the profits of independent restaurants. ShopKeep Pay lets you have your cake and eat it too, by avoiding fees and keeping your customers in the loop. 

“When an employee delivers the item, they can accept payments on the spot,” continues Will Lynes. “They can complete the sale by accepting a credit card or cash, then marking the sale as complete on the app.” 

Once that happens, the sale shows as complete everywhere else within the ShopKeep system. So the person manning the cash register instantly knows when the item has been delivered and when the payment was received. 

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ShopKeep Pay Makes Curbside Pickup Easier 

Sometimes you’re not delivering an item across town. You just need to meet a customer in the parking lot, or ring up a guest who is dining in your courtyard. ShopKeep Pay makes it easier to ring up anybody, even if they’re just at the end of a long line. As you can imagine, social distancing becomes easier, too. 

When a customer places an order online, it immediately appears on every single ShopKeep Register on premise, and you can then use the ShopKeep Pay app to meet your customer and complete the sale. When any employee with an iPhone can check out any customer, you have more freedom and flexibility.

Try ShopKeep Pay

This new app, like ShopKeep Pocket (which lets you manage your employees and business from anywhere), is a companion app for business owners who use ShopKeep Point of Sale. Download ShopKeep Pay now from the App Store.


Amy Allen ShopKeep Copywriter

Amy Allen

The digital copywriter at ShopKeep, Amy understands that small businesses are the cornerstone of our economy and that independent entrepreneurs need smart solutions to compete in the marketplace. She has created award-winning work for major brands.