Apple knows how to get to the point with busy small business owners.

The ShopKeep POS offers dozens of features that will make you want to toss your clunky cash register out the window, but in a short podcast, Apple has explained how easy it is to get started ringing up sales right on your iPad.

This quick step-by-step guide walks you through all the basics of registering and managing retail sales with ShopKeep POS.

In a matter of seconds, managers can learn how to open and close shifts and track cash drawer amounts, while employees can see how to sign in for the day, ring up transactions, calculate discounts and accept payments.

All this in under 90 seconds! Imagine what you can have your register and BackOffice tools doing in five minutes.

The podcast is called ‘Close and Manage Sales for your Store’ and can be found in the iPad in Business podcast.

Thanks Apple for showing us how simple it is to get started with ShopKeep POS!  For more information on how to set up and use our iPad POS, including inventory management tools, sales tracking and all the other great features, check it out here!

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming is an email marketing expert, fluent in all email marketing initiatives including strategy, development, analysis, and execution. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with growing retailers and the merchant community.