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As loyal followers of this blog are already aware, we’ve got an amazing team here at ShopKeep that is regularly releasing the kinds of new features you need to succeed. Just in the past month, we’ve added Stock Item Level Tax, introduced Employee Shift Reports, and created a powerful Marketing Dashboard. And that’s just a sampling.

But we know that not every ShopKeep customer reads this blog religiously, so that’s why we’ve added a “What’s New” section to the right side of every customer’s BackOffice dashboard!

This section showcases the three most recent product updates, along with a link at the bottom to see the full list. The updates are also color-coded and tagged so you know whether they are BackOffice or iPad-related. This is a great way to easily keep your eye on our product development right from your BackOffice. Let us know what you think and if you found this post from the “What’s New” section. Meta, we know.

What's New in BackOffice

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