Most merchants love numbers. Sales per register, number of customers served, total coffees poured, number of dresses sold. You never get tired of combing through the data to figure out what you’re doing right and wrong.

So we know you’re going to be psyched about the latest innovation we’ve come up with. ShopKeep POS is excited to announce our new Dashboard App for the iPhone to get you the numbers you need –  even quicker than before.

With a quick tap, the new app lets you see live sales data for each of your iPad POS registers. With a swipe of the finger, you’ve got yesterday’s total sales summary report, so you can monitor cost of goods sold and gross margin to make sure you are making money on a daily basis.

We also built in a single sign on process for merchants with multiple stores so you can now see real-time stats for all your stores on one screen! Plus, you can track and monitor returns in real time for more control of your business, even when you are not there.

The new iPhone Dashboard App is just another way that ShopKeep POS is helping you make smarter business decisions while maximizing one of your most precious resources, your time.

Download it on the App Store today and tell us how you like it by writing a review!


ShopKeep Founder and CEO, Jason Richelson