After much hard work by the amazing Bill Walton and his team we last week put into production a very new version of After over a year of transactions from our high volume customers we learned a lot of lessons which we put to work. This release strengthens the bond between the Register and BackOffice to keep your data safe and secure by creating a digital signature for each transaction.

In addition to the extensive behind the scenes work we put in a few new features…

The first is the ability to add more BackOffice users. This lays the groundwork for future reporting of actions taken in the BackOffice and allows you to give other important people access to reporting. So, for instance, you may want your bookkeeper, who sits in another office, to have access so he can download the quickbooks exports. You can now set up his own login just for this.

The next feature is a much better customer purchase history view. Now see all the items a customer has purchased and when plus a running total for the last 30-60-90 days. This helps if your customer asks “Which wine do I buy all the time?”

A small change to the Inventory tab should speed up your searching for items. Just click on the tab and start typing. We put the description as the default field.

We are always trying to speed up transactions at the Register and in this release we added 1 click tendering on exact change. So if the customer has exact change just hit ENTER or the submit button on the screen and the Register will assume exact change.

We hope you like the new changes. This release lays the groundwork to add more of the features you have been asking for which will be coming in the next months.

ShopKeep Founder and CEO, Jason Richelson