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2017 has been a big year for reporting upgrades at ShopKeep and we’re excited to be back here sharing the latest and greatest enhancements with you. We pored over your feedback and followed your reporting usage patterns to figure out what we should be prioritizing for reporting. Based on that info, we’d like to tell you about two categories of reporting updates today: New Reports and “Quality of Life” Enhancements.

New Reports

We know that there are a lot of different data points you like to look at to track the health of your business and make more informed decisions. Our goal with the Sales Reports we offer is to make anything you want to view easily accessible for regular tracking and analysis. With those goals in mind, we’ve recently launched reports breaking down Sales by Category (see below), Sales by Supplier, and Sales by Employee.

Sales by Category Report

These reports work just like your other Sales Reports, such as Sales by Item. Each new report offers charts of the top categories, suppliers, or employees at the top of the page, followed by a data table of all sales for the given time period broken down line-by-line by category, supplier, or employee. Additionally, you can click on any line item to dig into its details, filter columns or individual results, and choose any date range to analyze. The choices are all yours.

“Quality of Life” Enhancements

Not only do you get to enjoy the benefits of these new reports, but each one of them, along with the existing Sales Reports, is more powerful and flexible thanks to a series of enhancements we’ve made with your convenience in mind.

First, let’s review the changes when you are viewing and printing reports. We’ve added a totals row at the top of the data table so you can quickly see the sum of your efforts for any column. Additionally, filters now apply to charts and carry over to the print view as well, something we think you’ll find especially useful in the Sales by Customer report. And finally, we’ve added an overlay with items to the Sales by Department report so you can better see the breakdown of contributors to a single department’s success.

Export Complete Modal

Next, let’s talk about exports. The biggest change we’ve made here is that exports that are generated in under three seconds, which is most of them, will now download automatically so you don’t have find them in the Export Center! Additionally, emails about export status are now optional, with everyone opted-out by default, potentially clearing out clutter from your inbox. Finally, row filters will now apply to exports, we’ve added columns* to the Sales by Item export, and we now offer an export for the Sales by Location report.

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoy these changes and definitely welcome your feedback on any or all of them via the comment section below or by email at Up next, we’ll be releasing reports for Sales by Tender, Sales by Tax Group, and a new version of Sales by Modifier that includes variants, printing, an export, filters, and that has no date range restrictions! We can’t wait to see how your business can benefit from these continued reporting enhancements.

*Current quantity on hand, department, category, supplier, and supplier code.

Peter Knox

Peter Knox is a Director of Product Management at ShopKeep. He combines a wide variety of experience with small shops and restaurants with his expertise in data analytics, business fundamentals, and visual communication to provide merchants with actionable insights.