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ShopKeep Mobile POS App Dashboard Screen

I used worry about my retail stores like I worry about my children, and one of the best features of using ShopKeep POS is the smartphone dashboard for its ClearInsightsTM Reports. Imagine having a GPS tracker on your kids at all times. That’s what the dashboard app is for your store.

No matter where you are the world, with a simple tap of the screen, you can get real-time sales data from your iPad POS on an iPhone or Android phone using ShopKeep.

You can find out if the store opened on time, whether this Saturday is as busy as last Saturday was, and make decisions on the go. At the end of the day, you can see sales totals, and breath easy knowing that your business is safe.

Employees love it, too, since they can focus on helping customers and keeping the shelves stocked instead of answering calls from worried owners all day.

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