Choosing a POS system and determining what point of sale features are important to you, probably feels as pleasant to you as taking a standardized test.

Though it might not be how you want to unwind on your Friday evening, we’re here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be that painful — we’ve got your back. Thankfully, it is our area of expertise. So to get you started, we’ve put together the top 5 point of sale features you’ll want to add to your
POS system wish list.

1. Ease of Use

There’s no debate that setting up your POS system should be easy. Managing the setup process should be a snap and you should be able to do it yourself. At the same time, training cashiers and managers should take minutes, not hours. A system that’s confusing to learn, or complicated to use, will decrease employee satisfaction and lead to longer lines and unhappy customers. Your POS system should offer an intuitive interface to process sales quickly and keep lines moving. In short, if you feel like your system should have come with a manual, you’ve chosen the wrong one.

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2. Actionable Insights

The capabilities and clarity of POS system reporting platforms are not all created equal. Your POS system should have the capability to generate detailed, comprehensive sales reports that are useful for in-depth analysis, as well as provide snapshot reports that will effectively guide your pricing and inventory management. Another aspect to consider when choosing a POS is your ability to access accurate sales data and other key analytics on the go. Today’s merchant shouldn’t have to be tied down to their brick-and-mortar location in order to make important business decisions. Many POS providers allow you to check business statistics such as net sales, transaction counts, average sales value, and total number of customers, all in real time. Look for a POS system that provides insights via a mobile application. This will guarantee that you always stay up to date on store sales data.

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3. Customer Service

At some point, even with the most sophisticated POS system, you will need customer support. What most business owners fail to realize is that when your business is in full swing, you will be wearing too many hats to dedicate time to troubleshooting POS issues. The importance of quality and reliable customer service is often underestimated. Though hopefully not common, from time to time your POS may experience issues. Not having the proper customer support could result in a loss of sales.

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4. Inventory Management

Managing inventory should be straightforward and painless. Beware of overly-complicated systems that make it challenging to add items easily and on the fly. As your business grows, you’ll need a system that can adapt to your evolving needs. A few crucial things you’ll want your POS system to be able to accomplish are managing bulk inventory and setting up order triggers.

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5. Data Security

As a responsible smart business owner, it’s important to ensure that you are taking all of the necessary precautions to protect your customers’ personal data. Data safety and security should be among the most important factors you consider when choosing a POS system. When weighing your options, make sure to investigate the security of your data in every system, particularly when it comes to transactions. It’s important to note that while traditional POS systems that run on PC-based computers are vulnerable to viruses and malware, cloud-based iPad POS systems are generally more secure. They rely on the iOS operating system and allow POS companies to provide automatic security updates simultaneously on all mobile devices, as long as merchants have the latest version of their app installed.

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