When you’re starting or running a business, it’s important to choose software tools that help you with multiple aspects of your business. Point of sale software is no exception.

It’s absolutely essential to choose a POS software application that helps you automate payroll. POS payroll tools make your life easier and save you headaches down the line.

POS Payroll Tools, Explained

A point of sale system does exactly what it sounds like: accepts payment at the point where and when you make a sale. It serves as your high-tech cash register connected to your cash drawer, and works with a credit card processor to accept cards. If you manage employees, they will probably use your POS system to ring up customers. Even if they don’t, you can use your POS as one tool in your payroll belt — and potentially use it to replace traditional payroll services. Here’s how.

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Your POS System is Like a Punch Card…But Better

Especially if you’re managing the payroll of cashiers at quick-service restaurants or retail stores, a point of sale system is the best way to have employees ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out.’ For example, with ShopKeep’s time clock feature, your employees use unique codes to sign in and out of their shifts directly on your iPad, which serves as your cash register. If you’re managing an employee who doesn’t use the register, or who forgot to clock in or out, you can also manually add that information later.

Manage Your Staff with Your POS

We encourage you to choose POS software with robust employee management tools. In addition to adding employees and editing employee privileges in a few clicks, you should also be able to see sales reports by employees so you can identify your top-selling staff members and reward them with bonuses if you so choose. Strong reporting lets you analyze your business and employees at a glance.

Labor Tracking Reports Make Payroll Easy

When you track your employees through your point of sale, payroll is simplified. You often won’t need another piece of payroll software to know what to pay your employees. If you use ShopKeep, you can run the Labor Tracking Report to see an overview of all the hours your employees worked, including overtime and double time.

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If you use another payroll software solution like QuickBooks Payroll or Gusto, your point of sale can support your existing software. However, many small business owners find that they don’t need an extra piece of software in order to pay their staff as long as they have a robust point of sale system in place.

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