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In a fast-paced food and beverage business, constant and consistent communication between the Front of House and Back of House is paramount to keep things running smoothly and keep customers happy. One way that ShopKeep facilitates this type of communication is by offering the ability for businesses to print tickets remotely for each item ordered. This is a core feature that we’ve had since basically the beginning, but recently we’ve heard an increasing amount of feedback from merchants about ticket printing: “We need to print a single item to more than one ticket printer!”

Well we heard you loud and clear, and with Version 2.16.0 of the Register, you can do just that! How you ask? By using Ticket Printer Groups.

This versatile feature solves for all kinds of scenarios. For example, let’s say you have a Grilled Chicken Salad on the menu. When a customer orders this delicious dish, the person working the salad station needs to make the salad and the grill cook needs to prepare the chicken. So they both need to get a ticket for the dish. Or maybe you have multiple stations preparing food, and an expediter in the middle who coordinates the plates for pickup. Now, the raw bar will get the oyster order, the cold station will get the salad order, and the fry station will get the french fries order. And the expediter will get a ticket with all the items on that order!

So how does it actually work within ShopKeep? Get started by logging into BackOffice and choosing “Printers” from the “Settings” menu. Make sure all your printers are set up and shown on the Printers List. Now, create a new Printer Group from the “+ Add New” menu. Give it a name and assign it to the desired Categories and/or Departments. Choose which printers should belong to the group and click “Save.” That’s all there is to set up Just go to your Register and “Get Updates” and now any item ordered that belongs to the assigned Categories and/or Departments will print to each printer you selected. Need more detailed setup instructions? Check out this support article.

Ticket Printer Groups in BackOffice

Please note that all of your Registers must be on version 2.16.0 or above to use this feature, so make sure you update each one. If you have any registers that are not upgraded, you’ll only be able to assign a single printer to a group so that your printer settings remain backwards-compatible.

Update your app now to try the new feature. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section or by emailing Thanks!

Mike Dulle

Mike Dulle is a Sr. Product Manager with 15+ years experience in food and beverage, focusing on solutions for full-service restaurants and bars.