Print labels and manage unit cost all on a single screen.

Here at ShopKeep, we pride ourselves on listening to your suggestions and using that feedback to continually improve our product and save you time and effort. Our most recent focus was on improving your experience with the Receive Inventory screen. With this update, you can now receive your inventory with far fewer clicks and intelligently adjust costs like a boss:

Print your labels directly from the Receive Inventory screen

There’s no need to search for items twice anymore when you need to print labels! Simply search once, add the items you want to receive, and click on the “Print Label” link in the corresponding row. That’s it!

Print Label on Receive Inventory Screen

Review and change your Unit Cost

In addition to the Total Line Cost field, you can now use the Received Unit Cost field to manage costs on the inventory you are receiving. These two columns stay intelligently in sync and we do the math, so just choose the one that’s easier for you to enter and you’re all set!

Adjust Unit Cost

What do you think about these changes and what else would you like to see on your inventory screens? Let us know in the comments below or send an email to

Ari Janover, ShopKeep Product Manager

Ari Janover

Ari Janover, Product Manager at ShopKeep, is passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses thrive with intuitive, cost-effective, time-saving software.