Start your shifts faster, show off your logo on printed receipts, and more with recent Register updates.

As you ease into 2019 and we work on some bigger feature improvements (watch this space for an exciting upcoming announcement!), we wanted to make sure that you’re aware of a few of the latest improvements from the past two iOS register releases: 3.1.0 and 3.2.0.

Version 3.1.0

Version 3.1.0 was big on the little stuff, so here’s a rundown of what you may have missed. To start with, when you open a shift on your register, you will now go straight to your default screen (either Transactions or Checks), so you can get started selling faster. Speaking of speed, 3.1.0 also added upload and download speed grades (from Excellent to Poor) on the Diagnostics Screen to help Customer Care better diagnose any networking issues you may be having.

Next, we added to your shift reports again (remember voids?), this time bringing in the number of discarded items and their total value, so that you can keep a closer eye on even more of the activity going on at the register. Lastly, 3.1.0 included the ability for you to add your logo to printed receipts, helping you showcase your brand to even more customers! You can enable this feature in your BackOffice and it uses the same logo as your email receipts.

Version 3.2.0

In version 3.2.0 meanwhile, there was one key improvement we made to cash transactions. Know those $5/$10/$20 quick cash buttons below the keypad? Now, instead of being grayed out for transactions greater than $20, the dollar values of those buttons will be automatically adjusted to expected cash payment amounts based on the final transaction total. Just one more way we’re trying to save you time and speed up transactions.

Hope you enjoy the updates and always keep your ShopKeep Register up-to-date following our best practices of course. And if you’re not on the latest version yet, it’s time to update!

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Hani Shabsigh

As a Product Manager at ShopKeep, the #1 rated Point of Sale system, Hani Shabsigh is focused on Payments & Hardware solutions for the iOS Register and overall Customer Experiences. He has previously launched multiple mobile products and leverages his entrepreneurial experience in user research, agile software development, and product strategy to give merchants and their customers great in-store experiences.