Enjoy self-serve records of your ShopKeep subscription payments.

One of the most common requests of our Customer Care team is for monthly ShopKeep invoices. Many customers simply want to review what services they are paying for in their subscription each month. Others ask for these invoices to report their ShopKeep subscription as a deduction on their small business’ taxes or share this info with a business partner.

We’re happy to tell you that the improved “Billing Activity” view now lets you request an invoice showing each of the services on your subscription, how much you were charged for each, and the sales tax collected (if applicable). If you added a service to your subscription in the middle of a billing cycle, you’ll also see the exact, prorated amount of the charge. All without needing to contact Customer Care!

How to find your invoices

To get started, log in to your BackOffice as the account owner (these invoices are only available to account owners), then open the menu in the upper right corner and choose “Manage Account”. Then scroll down to the Billing Activity section, find the invoice from the date you are looking for, and click “Email PDF” in the far right column.This will generate an email to the account owner with a PDF copy of the invoice you selected. That’s it!

Invoices in BackOffice

Invoices? Does that mean I have credit with ShopKeep?

Not so fast. ShopKeep invoices are always due upon receipt. Each month when your bill date arrives, ShopKeep invoices your account and attempts to collect payment immediately. If we are unable to do so for any invoice, you will see a payment with a status of “error” just above that invoice.

Wait, I don’t see all of my invoices listed…

As of today, BackOffice is only able to show you your past 6 months of invoice and payment activity. If you have a plan that bills annually and was invoiced more than 6 months ago, or you would like to receive a monthly invoice from greater than 6 months ago, please contact our Customer Care team via the Help link in your BackOffice.

As always, you can read more about this on the ShopKeep Support site. We will be rolling this feature out to all of our customers in the coming weeks, so don’t fret if you don’t see your invoices there yet. We’d love to hear any feedback on this feature either in the comments section or via email at productfeedback@shopkeep.com. Thanks!

Will Lynes

Will Lynes

Will Lynes is a Director of Product at ShopKeep with a focus on BackOffice. He has been applying his passion for research, design, and technology to building better tools for small businesses since 2006.