With the latest release in the App Store, ShopKeep POS now offers you the option to email receipts instead of or in addition to printing them out.

This new functionality on our iPad POS is a triple win for you and your customers.

First off, the purses and pockets of your shoppers will no longer look like a paper-training facility for miniature puppies. Customers have the option to be better organized instead of inundated with dozens of scraps of paper.

For you, this new option can save on receipt printing costs – and some trees at the same time!

Best of all, you can capture email addresses and use them to reach out to customers about special promotions or events in the future. You control this information via your BackOffice, giving you the flexibility to build a direct relationship with your customers!

At the Greene Grape, we used this tool to keep our customers informed of upcoming tastings or special products in the store. You can use email marketing systems like Constant Contact or Mailchimp, which are some of the best ways for small businesses to connect with customers and keep them coming back.

Overall, emailing receipts is a smart and easy way to grow your business.

To install this new functionality on your ShopKeep POS iPad register, close your shift then update your app from the App Store. To export email addresses, log into your BackOffice and go to     Reports > Exports > Customers.

Tell us what you think about this new functionality by adding a comment!

ShopKeep Founder and CEO, Jason Richelson