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Here at ShopKeep, our mission is always to provide you with the best tools for running a smarter business, along with the flexibility for you to select which tools best fit your unique needs. That’s why we’re excited to announce support today for Ingenico’s iPP320 credit card reader! The iPP320 is an industry-tested device used widely throughout the United States and around the world in thousands of businesses from QSRs to taxis and many more. We’ve also tested it extensively of course with ShopKeep Beta merchants, who found it to “work like a dream.”

As far as the details go, the iPP320 is an EMV-capable device that accepts Apple Pay™ and traditional magstripe transactions today, just like the iCMP credit card reader. However, it has some other key differences. Here’s what you should know to help you figure out if the iPP320 is right for your business: Are you a high-volume business? Then you’re going to love the iPP320’s long, vertical swipe path (while magstripe cards remain the preferred form of payment). This feature reduces error rates and helps you get things right on the first swipe, which is critical when speed is of the essence. Do you take transactions from a fixed location? The iPP320 is an ethernet-only device meaning it’s always directly connected to your network for extra reliability. It also means you need to plug it into your router (if it’s not nearby, use our ethernet cable extender pack) to make sure it works properly. Not sure if your router is up to the task? Then check out our Netgear Nighthawk, which pairs perfectly with iPP320. Do you have power? The iPP320 always needs to be plugged in, so make sure you’ve got an open outlet! Are you on the latest version of ShopKeep? This answer should always be yes, but in case it’s not, you should know that the iPP320 only works with version 2.7.0 or later of the Register App. Don’t forget our update best practices! Did you answer yes to the questions above? If so, we’re confident that you will love this credit card reader (as much as one can love a credit card reader), so we’ve made it available for order right now on the ShopKeep Store! If not, the iCMP credit card reader is a great option as well, plus the iDynamo works nicely for magstripe-only.

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Richard Berger

Richard Berger

Richard Berger translates his years of experience in the startup & small business world into helpful advice for small business owners. As Director of Product Marketing at ShopKeep, the #1-rated iPad Point of Sale System, Richard has an unmatched understanding of POS system technology, and how it can be used to transform growing businesses.