Display your credit card reader proudly and securely with the custom-built Simplicity Stand!

We got your feedback about wanting a better way to keep your iCMP credit card reader on your counter. That’s why we’re very excited to be offering this brand new stand to satisfy your swiping and tapping needs.

The stand comes with or without a retraction cable, depending on your security standards (don’t worry, we’re not judging!). Oh, and it matches the Vault Simplicity Enclosure to keep your counter looking consistent and clean, just the way you like it.

Purchase the Simplicity Stand now!

Shopkeep iCMP Credit Card Reader

Richard Berger

Richard Berger

Richard Berger translates his years of experience in the startup & small business world into helpful advice for small business owners. As Director of Product Marketing at ShopKeep, the #1-rated iPad Point of Sale System, Richard has an unmatched understanding of POS system technology, and how it can be used to transform growing businesses.