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Undoubtedly, opening a new store can be expensive so it is important for store owners to get the best bang for their buck. It is essential for store owners to feel confident about every product you bring in to the store- if the store owner is unsure, the customer will be too. The store owner especially needs to trust their point of sale system so they feel confident that at the beginning, middle, and end of the day the sales will be on point. Accuracy is one of ShopKeep’s many great characteristics.

Located in Kirkland, Washington, Picnics Hot Dogs opened their doors in March 2011 using ShopKeep as their point of sale system. Reflecting upon his search for a POS system, owner James Fabin told ShopKeep, “The system has been fantastic – not only is it fast and easy to use, but it cost a fraction of other systems on the market.”

The iPad has become popular for individual everyday use, so customers are mesmerized when
they see that an entire store can run on equipment they use in their everyday lives. “We looked at all of the competitors in the space and everyone else had a much higher hardware cost, less reliable equipment, much higher monthly fees and was no where as easy to use,” said Fabin, “With the ShopKeep App for the iPad we are able to train new or temporary employees quickly.”

“I’d also like to add that the development team has been outstanding, over the pilot period we have asked for a few new features to be added and I’m glad to say, the team responded and added them.” All in all, Picnics Hot Dogs has continued to grow their business and ShopKeep is backing them up, every step of the way.

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