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One Direction POS System

Deemed as the hottest teen sensation that is hitting the nation this holiday season, One Direction will be onstage tonight in NYC.

So why might a company that sells a POS System be blogging about this you ask? Of course we are big fans of their music, but even more exciting for us is that ShopKeep POS is powering the One Direction pop up store in Penn Plaza.

For the past three weeks, teenagers from all over the tri-state area have been flocking to the store and snatching up t-shirts, blankets, pajamas and more all donned with their favorite band member or the One Direction Band logo. ShopKeep POS is proud to be at the receiving end of this constant stream of fans by ringing them up quickly and seamlessly on our iPad registers at checkout.

We hope you make it to the show tonight – or you at least can elbow your way into the pop up store.

Not ready to admit fandom publicly, but still want to check out the pop up store and maybe even buy a souvenir? Well, now you can use ShopKeep POS as an excuse — you’re just going to the store to experience the iPad registers at checkout!

Read more about all the hype here.


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