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Our monthly metrics are in and we’ve got good news to share: same store sales for ShopKeep POS merchants in March 2013 were up 15% over March 2012!

This continues the strong start to 2013 for our merchants (see January and February) and we’re proud to be a part of their success. Specialty food stores and coffee shops led the way, up 29% and 24% respectively, and we’re excited to see how things develop over the course of the year. Additionally, while we’re impressed with what our merchants have accomplished, we’re far from surprised, as ShopKeep POS merchants are some of the smartest and most forward-thinking in the business.

If you’re interested in looking at these numbers yourself, you can easily analyze your year-over-year sales by logging into your BackOffice and going to the reporting tab. There, you can find a variety of charts and exports that you can run by date, allowing you to understand your own business better. Be sure to check it out and feel free to let us know how your business is doing!

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