Any coffee junkie is familiar with that moment of panic. You have that steaming latte with foam hanging over the lip in one hand and your wallet in the other. How are you going to take your change from the java jockie without spilling on yourself?

ShopKeep POS is partnering with PayPal to eliminate this problem and the many others that often cause a bottleneck at the register.

Using Paypal’s mobile app, customers can sync to ShopKeep POS at their favorite sandwich shop, cafe or confectioner (that’s you) and pay for that triple scoop in a waffle cone before they even enter the store.

With ShopKeep POS, the customer’s name and photo will show up right on the iPad to confirm payment, making the exchange secure and easy.So keep frothing that milk. Your customers’ hands will be safe from burns.

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming is an email marketing expert, fluent in all email marketing initiatives including strategy, development, analysis, and execution. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with growing retailers and the merchant community.