In an interview with, ShopKeep CEO Michael DeSimone shares candid insights on how the pandemic has changed the small business landscape and how ShopKeep continues to innovate its products and services.

“Ultimately it’s our view that the pandemic will accelerate many of the macro trends we’ve seen for the past 10-20 years: a shift to online ordering, multiple fulfillment scenarios (both direct and through partners like DoorDash), and accepting a range of electronic payment options in addition to, and increasingly replacing, in-person and cash,” says DeSimone. “Like most crises that come on suddenly, unfortunately, there will be businesses that cannot adapt or survive quickly enough and will fail as a result. However, it’s our view that the vast majority will survive and emerge stronger and more resilient businesses, with more tools like ShopKeep at their disposal, and very well-positioned for success in a post COVID world.”