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What was the mouse?

“So what we’ve built is a really simple product that’s super easy to set up. Because that’s the other problem POS poses—it’s pretty complicated and hard to get, and you have to hire someone to help you out. With you just sign up online. You put in your credit card and try it for 30 days and if it works for you, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. And the beauty about what we’re doing is it’s more to me than about the technology. We’re changing the sales process, which at POS has typically been: find a couple of tech guys who install POS software, they come and give you a demo, a quote, and sell everything to you including the software, and you’re out $5,000. Then you have a problem and call them, and have to pay $150 an hour for tech support. It’s just miserable!”

What was the trap?

With, you pay $49 per month (per register). There is an 800 number that is answered at all times. They also have an email address. Either you as the owner, or your staff, always have a place to call. Richelson says, “We can support you with the web-based system from here in New York throughout the whole country. When you’re dealing with the old-fashioned POS you have a lot of issues locally. We have a knowledge base and you’re joining a group of other retailers.”

iPad innovation
In January announced the release of the iPad version of its POS. The iPad Register prints receipts and pops a cash drawer just like a standard register while at the same time allowing secure web access to the store’s activity from anywhere. Another benefit of this version is saved counter space. New York City coffee shop Joe, in its Grand Central location, was the first to implement this system.

Cool features
Depending on the version of the register you use, the iPad has a really cool tip functionality built in. According to Richelson, “Coffee shops are basically getting forced to take credit cards and when they do this, they don’t take tips because they don’t print a receipt. What we’ve done is added a special function to the iPad screen. After you swipe your credit card, you turn the iPad to the customer and they have to hit a button to accept payment, and above that button is an option to add tip. This option is going to help coffee shop workers make more money. For the PC and MAC versions, we can store credit cards, track customers, or implement a loyalty program, which is great for wine stores.

But don’t be afraid!  You get to keep the cheese in this scenario!  Our clients are not mice!  They’re living in a mice free iPad techno-utopia.  Flying cars not included…

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