Gain more control over adding and removing registers from your iPad.

Have you ever needed to free up one of your ShopKeep register licenses to move ShopKeep to a new iPad or to reinstall the app? We’ve always been happy to help you out with this process, but we also realized that there had to be a better way for both of us.

That’s why we’re happy to tell you that you can now manage this process all by yourself in BackOffice! First, make sure you are on version 2.12.0 or later of the app. Then,  or get the cliff’s notes below.

To get started, simply close out any open checks and close your shift on the register you would like to deactivate to ensure that all data and transactions have been sent up to BackOffice. Once you’ve done this, you can visit the Register Licenses page within the Settings section in BackOffice, find the register you are looking to deactivate and click the button. After you’ve completed this short process, and you are good to go.

Please note that this same process also allows you to delete and re-install the ShopKeep app when necessary. After deactivating the register in BackOffice, you can uninstall the current app on your iPad and reinstall a fresh and clean version from the App Store.

We hope you enjoy this easy new process and we’d love your feedback in the comments section or at.

Hank Fichtner

Hank Fichtner is a Sr. Product Manager at ShopKeep with a focus on the register app, hardware, and payments. He applies his entrepreneurial background and passion for technology to empowering small businesses to compete with big-box stores.