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We launched the Small Biz, Big Ideas contest to help innovative small business owners turn their ideas into reality and ‘Take Back Main Street’. The response has been amazing. You can check out some of the most successful entries below.

The Small Biz, Big Ideas contest is simple.  We’ve asked Small Business owners across the country to submit a ‘Big Idea’ about how they would improve their business (or product).  Six lucky winners are going to win a total of $15,000 in grants. The competition is still open and you can enter on our Facebook app by clicking the button below:

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can see below the small business ideas with the most number of votes on our Facebook app as of 9:30am 05/27/2014. Remember, Facebook votes only make up 25% of the competition criteria.

If you have a great idea about how to improve your Small Business, there’s still time to enter! Head on over to the ShopKeep POS Facebook page and submit your idea for a chance to win.

1. Redefined Boutique

Vote Count = 285

“Expand my business to carry children’s clothes and gifts! 10% of all profits will go to an adoption fund from which parents can apply for the money to fund their adoption. We hope to fund at least 1 adoption per year! This contest money could SO help us get to this goal quickly, and save a child even sooner than we thought.”

2. The Philly Pack

Vote Count = 282

“We would like to open a Canine Enrichment Center. We are dog behaviorists, with a pet shop. We want to expand so that we can help more dogs & their owners than we currently can. The center would be a day time activity & training center for dogs. A place where owners who are struggling with their dog’s behavior can be supported one another. Our center will offer day time activities, group & private classes, canine socials, day training, board and training services & much more.”

3. Small Kitchen Big Taste

Vote Count = 102

“SKBT is all about real, fresh whole foods, and healthy meals prepared with love! SKBT is a prepared foods and catering company that was created by owner Karen all out of her passion for cooking healthy fresh foods. We think people of ALL ages should get to enjoy healthy, fresh, seasonal ingredients in their food, including babies and kids! We want to create a line of baby food made from real whole ingredients to sell at the store and on our website.”

4. Little It Deli

Vote Count = 90

“Little It Deli is a Restaurant/ice cream shop and Catering business located near Samuel Justus Bike Trails in Emlenton, PA. Although our business is year round, we definitely have a busy season which is summer. So we are looking to enhance our “season.” Here is our idea, we would like to purchase several vending bicycle carts to increase our sales of ice cream, pizza and sandwiches to people riding on the bike trails.”

5. The Crick Variety Shoppe

Vote Count = 54

“We strive to have the best product selections at the best pricing available to cater to our small town of only 2500 people. We would utilize the money to increase our inventory with more selections and larger volume of products we have been successful with. The nearest big box store or mall is nearly 40 miles away. We need to be successful to provide for our own family financially and make the lives of our friends and extended family easier!”

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