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Hey there! To begin, tell us a little about your unique business.

Congratulations to Amy Kang, owner of Simply Chic and winner of $1,000 as one of the runners up in our Small Biz, Big Ideas competition.  We asked her to share a little bit more about her business and her big idea.

Tell us about yourself and you how you first got involved in small business?

Growing up, I never thought that I would be small business material but, life surprises you with things sometimes. I originally had traditional training in fine arts and I found that helped greatly in my present endeavor. I ended up managing and running another boutique on behalf of the owner for about 4 years, and with the experiences there, I grew my confidence in this department. That original boutique didn’t end up taking off, but with the trials and tribulations I experienced there, and the fact that I came out in one piece, I discovered that I have this entrepreneurship within myself and decided to take the risk and open up my own business.

Tell Us About How and When You Started Your Business?

We opened our doors here on July 1st, 2011 and it started as a one-woman-show. The location was in a growing neighborhood, and just like the neighborhood, we’ve grown to a strong 5-piece team, including myself.

How Did You Feel When You Found Out You Won the Prize?

Quite surprised! It was such a great reward after a lot of hard work put into our online department. We all appreciated the recognition of a good job well done.

What Was Your Small Biz, Big Idea?

This was essentially an app to help our customers get creative and virtually design awesome outfits before they buy, almost like your own online paper dolls. With this idea we are hoping to set a new fashion industry standard.

What is Your Intention With The Money? How will you implement the idea?

Originally our idea was spawned with the hopes of receiving the grand prize. Since the runner’s up amount was not enough to fulfill this idea, we think it would be very productive to put it towards the visual presence on our online store. This money will help us improve the quality of our photo shoot equipment, and thus, improve our online appeal.

Don’t forget to check out Simply Chic Facebook page.


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