View quantity on hand, cost, and total value for all of your items on your terms!

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new version of the Inventory Value Report. This has been a highly requested update and we’re very excited about the flexibility the new version of this report offers to you. Specifically, you can now choose to see the quantity on hand, cost, and total value of each of your inventory items (and all of them together) on any specific date, from December 31, 2017 forward, rather than just “whenever you remember to check the report.”

A lack of flexibility with this report has been a pain point for many of you when reporting on your taxes at the end of the year (or quarter), so we believe that you will really enjoy the freedom that this update gives you. You may also notice that the report design has been updated, bringing it in line with our other new reports in service of keeping your BackOffice clean and consistent. Coming soon you will be able to filter, print, and export this report as well, just like on all your other favorites. We plan on adding these features in the coming months, but made the decision to cut them out of this first release in order to get this report in your hands as soon as possible.

So please have a gander at the report in your BackOffice and let us know what you think by leaving a comment or emailing us at

Peter Knox

Peter Knox is a Director of Product Management at ShopKeep. He combines a wide variety of experience with small shops and restaurants with his expertise in data analytics, business fundamentals, and visual communication to provide merchants with actionable insights.