Being a retailer is tough, but by leveraging mobile payment technology that is at the forefront of future-proofing your business, it can be a lot easier and profitable.

Some of the day-to-day challenges brick and mortar retailers face include: Managing their physical store, keeping track of inventory, acquiring and keeping customers, and finally, hiring, retaining and managing employees.

In this second edition of “Future Proof”, Norm Merritt and Ramon Ray (Publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine) continue their discussion on who will win the mobile payments race in 2016 and what it takes to be a successful retailer in a world where cash is going extinct.



In my local neighborhood more and more stores are using EMV. One of the benefits of EMV is that retailers can decrease fraud and better protect their customers.

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Apple Pay

The smartphone is the most popular device for communication…and more. Most of us carry our smartphones everywhere and do as much as we can with them – playing games, sharing files, watching movies and buying things.

Apple Pay is the leading vendor for smartphone payments and it’s important that retailers start thinking about accepting Apple Pay in their stores.


Apple Pay (and other similar smartphone payment systems) use NFC (Near Field Communications) to wirelessly communicate with the payment terminal in a retailer’s store. Once the customer authenticates who they are, with a swipe of their thumb print on their iPhone, the credit card transaction is approved. It’s pretty simple.

Looking Beyond Mobile Payment Solutions

While one of the important aspects of running a retail business is payments, it’s also important to market your store and manage your employees. An iPad-based point of sale (POS) system like ShopKeep, arms retailers with the information and tools necessary to run a more efficient establishment, which is essentially, the best way to future-proof any business.

Technology is an asset for every retailer and can help to ensure retailers are prepared for the future growth of their business.To learn more about the future of payment solutions and who will win the mobile race in 2016, watch the full video shared above.

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Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray

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