Return to gift cards, hide inventory buttons, and enjoy increased flexibility with guest counts.

This release is jam-packed with early holiday gifts, and there’s something for everyone…even your customers! In this post, we’ll give you a rundown of the three big features mentioned above to make sure you get the most out of this new version. And don’t forget, we update the register app approximately every two weeks, so stay on top of the latest App Store updates and keep an eye out for messages in your BackOffice with more info anytime a new version is released.

Return to Gift Card to Offer Store Credit

Returns are a fact of life for any retail business, and today we’re happy to tell you that we are making them more convenient for your business. Starting with this version of the register, if you have ShopKeep Gift Cards enabled, you will now be able to return any transaction to the gift card tender, essentially enabling you to offer your customers store credit on returns.

This has been a long-requested feature that we are very excited to deliver to you and your customers. By taking advantage of this new feature, you can expand your return policy and make more customers happy when they need to bring an item back. Plus, since customers will be receiving a gift card to your store in this process, you will also be encouraging them to spend more money at your store the next time they come back!

In order to use this feature, you must be using ShopKeep Gift Cards, so make sure to sign up for that feature today if you haven’t already. To learn more about how to return to the gift card tender, please read our support article.

Hide Inventory Buttons on the Transaction Screen

In talking to many of our customers like you, we discovered that as many as 40% of you don’t regularly use the inventory buttons to add items to your transactions!

With that information in mind, this version of the register app adds an option for you to hide your inventory buttons from the transaction screen any time. To see this in action, simply tap the new button in the bottom left of the transaction screen and open up extra real estate to see all those items you’re adding via barcode scanner or search.

Increased Flexibility with Guest Counts

Since introducing the guest count feature earlier this year, we’ve been gathering feedback from customers and thinking about opportunities to improve it. This version includes three updates that we believe will make guest count more valuable to your business.

The first change is targeted at increasing usage of guest count by your servers. We have created an optional setting (controlled in the BackOffice) whereby your servers will now be actively prompted to enter a guest count on the transaction screen when creating a new check. If they do not choose a number, or choose none, the transaction will default to a non-guest count transaction, making your guest count KPIs more accurate in BackOffice.

The second change is that, when selected, your guest count will now be printed on kitchen tickets, allowing staff to see how many people they are preparing dishes for.

Lastly, we have split out guest count as its own setting in BackOffice, independent from the “Restaurant” register type, meaning that any customer can use guest count to improve their tracking of how many customers are involved in any transaction! If you need help with any of these, check out our guest count support article.

Update your Register(s) Today

We hope you enjoy these new features and always recommend staying up-to-date with the latest version of the Register app by following our best practices. Update now and let us know your feedback.

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Hani Shabsigh

As a Product Manager at ShopKeep, the #1 rated Point of Sale system, Hani Shabsigh is focused on Payments & Hardware solutions for the iOS Register and overall Customer Experiences. He has previously launched multiple mobile products and leverages his entrepreneurial experience in user research, agile software development, and product strategy to give merchants and their customers great in-store experiences.