View and compare sales across any date range, and track item-level sales in real time.

We’ve heard your feedback and we’re excited to tell you about some significant improvements and the return of some old favorites in this version of ShopKeep Pocket for iOS and Android. And if simply hearing about a new version is enough to get you pumped, we’ve got download links right here and ready for you.

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Interested in reading more about the details? We’ve got you covered there as well.

What’s new in ShopKeep Pocket

For those of you who haven’t seen the recent updates to Pocket, we’re happy to say that you can now see your sales across any date range right from the app. This significantly expands your reporting capabilities and gives you more of the information you’ve been looking for. And to make it even better, you can also compare any date range you select to a previous period, allowing you to quickly see how this week’s sales compare to last week or this month to last month, so you know exactly how your business is trending.

Additionally, if you want to analyze sales at the item level, you can now view sales numbers for each and every one of your items for whichever time period you select. This gives you an improved ability to optimize your store across your entire inventory.

What’s back and better than ever in this version of Pocket

Based on your feedback, we have brought back the Sales by Hour chart and a breakdown of all your tenders in this latest release, version 4.2 (same for both iOS and Android).

Net Sales per Hour Chart

The Sales by Hour chart has been reintroduced and updated in a way that we hope will make it even more helpful. We’ve switched the chart from a bar and line combination showing both your net sales and your transaction count to single line chart focused on one of those measures at a time. And to make the chart more powerful, it now includes both the net sales or transaction count for the current time period AND that same measure for your selected comparison period.

This means that you can see today’s sales vs. yesterday’s on an hourly basis, compare this Monday vs. last Monday, or whatever else you would like to see. In future releases, you can expect to see more configuration options for the chart, including more measures (e.g., discounts or costs) and different time periods (e.g., days or weeks).

As for the tender breakdown, we’ve brought this back using the same design as the Top Items tile. This Tenders by Net Amount tile will show all of your tenders, net of returns, for the date range you’re viewing, including of course, the much requested credit amount. If you want to know how much cash is in a given register, you can still do that by simply scrolling down to the register tiles to see cash sales, pay-ins and payouts, and your expected vs. actual cash if your shift is closed. Keep in mind the register tiles are only visible when you’re viewing Today’s data.

A little ShopKeep Pocket and ShopKeep product philosophy

To conclude this announcement, we wanted to share with you a bit of background as to how we went about updating ShopKeep Pocket and how we manage the product development process in general here at ShopKeep.

A key part of designing the new version of Pocket was combing through nearly one thousand individual pieces of feedback we’ve received from Pocket users since the initial launch of Pocket in 2015. We reviewed and categorized this wealth of information in order to understand what was and was not working with Pocket and which new features were most important to you. Then we improved performance, built those new features, and tested the new version extensively with numerous Pocket users.

We heard almost uniformly positive feedback with almost no comments about the removal of the Sales by Hour chart and tender breakdown. These features were removed in order to speed up release of the new version and we had plans to reintroduce them both in a later release. So we went forward last month confident in what we were delivering to you: a new app with vastly improved performance, full date ranges, and more details about your items.

Unfortunately, after that release, we received a number of comments specifically asking us about the now-missing Sales by Hour and tender-related information. It became clear that these were business-critical features for Pocket and we immediately got to work building them back in. We’re sorry about the distress removing these features caused and are happy that we get to announce their reintroduction today.

We’re always working to better understand what you need to succeed, but we don’t always get it all right the first time. This is why your feedback is critical: without it we won’t really improve and get better at building tools to help you run a smarter business.

So please comment on these blog posts, email us at, or send us a note via the Send Feedback link in BackOffice. And if you want to make your voice heard earlier in the process as a ShopKeep Beta Tester, we’d love to have you! Simply email for more details.

Download the new version of Pocket!

If you’ve made it this far, there’s only one thing you have left to do…download the new version of Pocket!

Download ShopKeep Pocket for iOS
Download ShopKeep Pocket for Android

Peter Knox

Peter Knox is a Director of Product Management at ShopKeep. He combines a wide variety of experience with small shops and restaurants with his expertise in data analytics, business fundamentals, and visual communication to provide merchants with actionable insights.