We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Sales by Customer report!

This report offers detailed sales information for each and every one of your customers across any given time period, including all the items they purchased! It allows you to easily understand who your “regulars” are, along with which of them are most valuable to your bottom line. Additionally, you can use the report to see who hasn’t made many purchases recently and might need a special email offer (remember MailChimp integration?) or other form of encouragement.

Great! Now where do I find this thing and how do I use it?

The Sales by Customer report is available as a new option under the Sales Reports dropdown menu (or via this direct link) and the layout of the report is the same as your other Sales Reports. The top section provides graphs showing top customers by sales count and amount spent, while below that is a table showing customer purchase information line-by-line for the selected time period. You can filter out customers and columns that aren’t relevant (or add in information that you’d like to see!) and click on customer names or emails to view each item they purchased in your selected time period.

Depending on how actively you add customers to each sale, you may notice a significant number of purchases attributed to someone named “Walk-in”, which is the default customer for every sale. You can always filter this customer out of your report, or you can use it as motivation to add customers more frequently and better understand who is purchasing what and when at your store! If you’re unsure of how to track customers with ShopKeep, this article will get you going.

We know there’s still more work to do when it comes to helping you better engage with your customers and hope that this is a good first step. We’d love to know what you think of this report as well as what would help you continue to deepen your relationship with your customers. Please comment below or send a note to productteamfeedback@shopkeep.com.

Peter Knox

Peter Knox is a Director of Product Management at ShopKeep. He combines a wide variety of experience with small shops and restaurants with his expertise in data analytics, business fundamentals, and visual communication to provide merchants with actionable insights.