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The owner of a small sporting goods store I just spoke to told me that on top of the $795 she paid to acquire her point of sale software, the company charges $99 a month in support.

Here at, we think that is outrageous! Had she chosen our web based point of sale solution, support would have been included! The $894 she spent in her 1st month with the ancient, software-on-a-CD system, could have gotten her almost 19 months with at $49/month plus a free 30 day trial! Think about that – 19 months vs 1 month. She got $upport, offers SUPPORT. When you call 1-800-820-9814 you get a real, live person in America to answer the phone and assist you.

We’ve got nothing against globalization, but we will never outsource your support calls overseas just to save a buck.

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