See voided line items and their value on your shift reports!

Our last register release of the year starts to fill the void in void reporting by adding that information to your shift reports on the register and to your printed X and Z reports. These numbers are available at the bottom of each report and titled “Voided Items” and “Voided Total” and if you need to learn more about them, we’ve got you covered in our support article.

More good news is that these updates to void reporting are just the beginning of updates on that front, as we have additional plans to add this info and more to the BackOffice and to Pocket in early 2019, so be on the lookout.

Without further ado, we recommend you follow our best practices and update your ShopKeep Register app! That goes double if you missed the jam-packed 2.42.0 release at the end of October.

Update your ShopKeep Register Now

Hani Shabsigh

As a Product Manager at ShopKeep, the #1 rated Point of Sale system, Hani Shabsigh is focused on Payments & Hardware solutions for the iOS Register and overall Customer Experiences. He has previously launched multiple mobile products and leverages his entrepreneurial experience in user research, agile software development, and product strategy to give merchants and their customers great in-store experiences.