POS software, you probably don’t know what you’re selling, when you’re selling it, and how much you’re selling.

Without POS software you may not even know your inventory counts and you probably can’t check how your store is performing without physically being in the store. Basically, you are facing a serious information deficiency that can mean the difference between becoming a thriving business or one of the 50% of new U.S. businesses that fails in the first five years. The solution? iPad POS software, of course!

What is iPad POS Software?

POS system in a coffee shop

At its most basic level iPad POS software is a program that allows you to make sales with an iPad. But the term “POS software” is slightly deceptive since in addition to enabling transactions, most iPad POS software allows merchants to track and manage inventory, employees and customer information- often in real-time.

Why iPad POS Software?

Traditional, PC-based point of sale systems can cost up to $10,000. That’s right those clunky eyesores aren’t just ugly, they’re expensive! In addition to providing you with the tools you need to run a more product business, iPad POS software lowers operating costs and improves efficiency by eliminating the need for servers and fees associated with setup, upgrades and repairs. Best of all, most iPad POS software is so intuitive you can literally get up and running in minutes. But not all iPad point of sale software is created equal, so make sure to do your homework in order to identify the right fit and the best value for your business.

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Is iPad POS Software Right for You?

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Researching iPad POS systems can be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t know what questions to ask or what you’re looking for. If you’re in the market for a point of sale, avoid some of the most common pitfalls with our free Choosing a POS Guide – complete with the 10 questions every point of sale provider should be able to answer.

Yamarie Grullon

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