Everyone knows the kind of beating an iPad can take. My iPad has been dropped from various heights, had food smeared on the screen and gotten wet enough to have had a bath, but every time I pull back the cover, it still glows strong. (On a side note, if you’re addicted to using your iPad, put it in a Ziplock back when you use it in the bath. You can still control the touch screen through the plastic. Bathing with your iPad is NOT recommended, though.) We have been through a lot together, and as my two-year-old iPad is nearing the end of its life, I find myself wishing I took better care of it.

In light of my regrets and with the help of the ShopKeep POS team, we have come up with a few iPad care tips. Your iPad POS has a very long work day, so treat it right.

1. Don’t leave the iPad charging all day and night. This shortens the battery life. Let the battery run down then plug in the iPad to charge. Your iPad will last longer.

2. Don’t use window cleaners, household cleaners, etc. on the screen. Only use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the iPad.

3. If cashiers often have wet hands, get a screen protector!

4. Keep the iPad at room temperature. Putting an iPad next to the industrial size oven is not recommended.

5. Power your iPad down regularly. Every day shut down is not necessary, but once a week you should give it a rest.

ShopKeep Founder and CEO, Jason Richelson