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The modern bar POS system

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ShopKeep's fast, reliable iPad POS system allows your bar to boost productivity, and profit margins, dramatically.

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  • Increase sales per hour

    ShopKeep’s rapid bar POS is designed to keep bartenders and servers in the zone. Open, update, and transfer tabs in no time flat, on ShopKeep’s intuitive iPad system.

  • Grow your profit margins

    While your team is working hard serving customers, ShopKeep’s bar POS tracks the detailed data you need to grow your profit margins. Run a lean, profitable operation!

Bartender pouring a glass of beer
  • Enjoy a reliable system

    Your bar POS system shouldn’t be a running joke, like it often is. With ShopKeep, you can continue to make sales even if the internet drops. Never miss out on a dollar.

  • Save yourself hours

    ShopKeep is the brainchild of a small business owner like you. From opening up to closing out, it simplifies chores like inventory, managing your team, and much more.

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Infinite Monkey Theorem Organizes Chaos With iPad POS

Infinite Monkey Theorem, in Austin, TX used ShopKeep’s bar POS to make more money per hour, and bring some much needed organization to their business.

Meredith Berman

We wanted a point of sale system for our Austin location that gave us control. We looked into five different POS systems; ShopKeep came out on top as our number one choice.

Meredith Berman, The Infinite Monkey

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