Why ShopKeep is Ideal for Frozen Yogurt Shops

When you’re running a frozen yogurt business, you need to ring up customers quickly and accurately, especially at peak times. You also want to understand your profit margins and ensure staffing levels align with demand. ShopKeep helps frozen yogurt owners operate their businesses more efficiently in addition to providing a stylish point of sale system to match the contemporary atmosphere of their stores. Add in the ability to track employees’ hours and capture customer email addresses, and your FroYo shop will truly be streamlined with ShopKeep. 

Ring Up Sales

  • Train managers and cashiers in minutes

  • Simplify and streamline your checkout process to keep lines moving

  • Easily modify orders to account for different sizes and add-ons

  • Utilize the price per unit feature to sell frozen yogurt by weight

  • Capture customer information for email marketing around promotions and events

  • Process transactions even when you’re offline, meaning you never miss a sale

Manage Your Business

  • Track the hours your employees work with time clock functionality

  • Understand your profit margins and more with a wide array of reports

  • Monitor real-time sales from your smartphone

  • Seasonal business? No contract, pay-as-you-go, pricing means you pay only for the months you need

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Watch a ShopKeep POS Demo Video - Frozen Yogurt Shop