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Juice bar POS for healthy profits

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ShopKeep iPad POS gives your juice bar business the tools it needs to be profitable, while automating time-consuming chores like inventory.

Juice Bar restocking juice inventory
  • Easy-squeezy inventory

    While you serve your growing regulars, ShopKeep's genius system tracks all your items and ingredients for you in the background. No hassle, no mistakes.

  • Figure out the perfect menu

    With ShopKeep's data, you'll always know which juices and ingredients are driving your juice bar's sales. Pulverize guesswork with insightful reports.

Customer purchasing juice from Juice Bar
  • Create your own POS

    Lay your iPad register's screen out exactly how you want to for more rapid transactions. More dollars per hour, happier customers, healthier profits.

  • Work/Life balance

    ShopKeep automates chores, including accounting and staff management, for you. And if you need to step out, our free app keeps you up to speed.

ShopKeep POS at a juice bar

Versatile Juice Bar POS: The Juice Box Way

The Juice Box in New Haven, CT used ShopKeep's iPad POS to greatly speed up transaction times, grow profit margins, and maximize profits.

Sammy Chamino

We're happy with ShopKeep. It's simple to use, inexpensive, and the reporting tools allow us to identify trends and how they impact our business. If it's cold and rainy, we know we'll have less foot traffic, but have to prepare for an increase in deliveries.

Sammy Chamino, The Juice Box

Now that you know how ShopKeep operates as a Juice Bar POS, the next step is to get a free customized quote for your business.

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