Why ShopKeep is Ideal for Kiosks

To maximize sales, kiosk owners must understand which items are selling and at what times in order to promote their products accordingly. That’s why ShopKeep, with its easy inventory management and robust, cloud-based reporting, including top-selling items, is the perfect solution. With pay-as-you-go monthly pricing and the option to email receipts, ShopKeep POS software gives your kiosk business the flexibility it requires. In addition, our stylish iPad point of sale system looks great and frees up valuable counter space. 

Ring Up Sales

  • Improve order accuracy and streamline checkout with barcode scanning technology

  • Easily print barcode labels for any item in your kiosk with ShopKeep POS LabelKeep

  • Print receipts or go paperless and email customers their receipts

  • Easily create promotions with customized discount buttons

  • Capture customer information for email marketing around promotions and events

  • Process transactions even when you’re offline, meaning you never miss a sale

Manage Your Business

  • Import your existing inventory easily

  • Receive inventory quickly with an iPad or smartphone

  • Use a wide array of reports to keep tabs on the total value of in-stock inventory and understand your profit margins

  • Monitor real-time sales from your smartphone

  • Multiple employees? Track sales by cashier to identify your most productive salespeople

  • Seasonal business? No contract, pay-as-you-go, pricing means you pay only for the months you need


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