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Grow your business and your profits—faster—with the help of ShopKeep’s affordable cloud-based POS system for quick-service restaurants.

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ShopKeep POS at Doe Donuts

Growing Your QSR Business Is a Marathon and a Sprint

ShopKeep’s trusty, turbocharged POS system takes the training wheels off quick-service restaurant success. Ready, set, grow!

Customer at Emerald City Bagels
  • Power Up Efficiency

    Drastically improve productivity and cooperation between the front and back of house.

  • Boost Your Margins

    Create a more profitable menu and grow your average check size with detailed analytics.

  • Speed Up Orders

    Tailor your register’s layout and hardware setup for top speed and fewer ordering errors.

  • Cut Training Time

    ShopKeep’s tablet POS system is a breeze. The training time is a handful of transactions.

  • Keep ’em Coming Back

    ShopKeep helps you increase customer loyalty AND your average revenue per customer.

  • Run a Tight Ship

    Know exactly how much of each ingredient is used in every meal that’s on your menu.

  • Pace-setting POS Software for Your Quick-service Restaurant

    Whether you’re looking to streamline the front or back of the house, ShopKeep provides point of sale features that speed up and enhance your day-to-day operations.

    ShopKeep POS at Poises Bakery
  • Easy, Speedy Service

    Have your register ringing at a quicker rate than ever. ShopKeep lets you zip through transactions (and keep those lines of awesome customers moving) all day, every day. Give every customer an experience they’ll recommend to friends.

  • Flawless Orders

    Keep your orders in order. With ShopKeep you can send detailed orders (complete with modifiers and extra notes if needed) straight through to the kitchen for more streamlined customer service, fewer mistakes, and happier customers.

  • More Ways to Get Paid

    Ensure your customers’ money is always good by accepting all payment types—from traditional cash and credit cards, to modern options like Apple Pay or EMV chip cards. Plus, ShopKeep guarantees the lowest integrated processing rate.

  • Increased Tip Sizes

    Employees who earn more stick around for longer! ShopKeep takes the guesswork out of tipping for your customers—which means larger tips for your hard-working staff—with customizable suggested tip amounts at the payment screen.

  • Ingenius Inventory Management

    ShopKeep’s real-time inventory management allows you to monitor items down to the last ingredient, morsel, or drop. Always know what items you have on hand and set up reorder triggers to avoid any nasty surprises.

  • Brilliant Analytics

    Continuously make intelligent, data-led business decisions—from identifying your top-selling menu items or profitable combinations, to knowing when it’s time to update menu items or even raise prices. Bye-bye trial and error.

  • Seamless Staff Management

    Manage your team without the stress. ShopKeep’s time clock tracks employees’ hours for you, and takes all the guesswork out of payroll. You can see your employees’ sales, too, and recognize your business’ all-star performers.

  • Money-making Gift Cards

    Truly, the gift that keeps on giving to your bottom line. ShopKeep makes it simple to launch a profitable gift card program, and you can even customize the design. Grab your share of the multi-billion dollar gift card industry.

  • Hassle-free Online Ordering

    Online = Streamlined, when it comes to ordering. Customers can place their orders online for pickup, and these orders are then sent to your register for easy tracking and preparation. Customers will get a text when their grub is up!

  • Lucrative Customer Loyalty

    Regulars keep the lights on. Build your base of loyal customers by offering rewards through our integrated customer loyalty program. It’s simple to assign points to purchases and rewards can be redeemed right at your ShopKeep register.

  • Affordable POS Hardware for Life in the Fast Lane

    From cash drawers to kitchen and receipt printers, credit card readers, and more, ShopKeep has the reliable POS hardware your quick-service restaurant needs to run full speed, all day, every day.

    ShopKeep Capital Coins

    Funds to Help You Grow

    For eligible ShopKeep customers, ShopKeep Capital is an easy, fast way to access funding that you can use to buy inventory, source new equipment, hire extra staff, and more.

    Trusted by over 20,000 Customer Locations

    ShopKeep's simple, powerful POS system has empowered thousands of business owners to thrive while doing what they adore.

  • Nick

    "When we were looking at different options, the usability of ShopKeep’s interface was very clean and not overly layered. Other [POS systems] we looked at had too many steps to complete a transaction."

    Nick,  Kerber’s Farm

  • Paul

    "We’re a true QSR, so our success is dependent on running fast transactions. I noticed the benefit of using ShopKeep immediately. Our sales grew nearly 300% month-over-month and we hit profitability within 3 months."

    Paul,  Boom Juice

  • Greg

    "We have been using ShopKeep for 5 years. We switched to ShopKeep [from our previous POS system] because it did not provide the basic inventory management, tracking and employee tools we need."

    Greg,  Red Barn Bakery

  • Do More, Faster, with ShopKeep's All-in-one POS Solution

    Whether your business is a quick-service restaurant, full-service restaurant, food truck, coffee shop, or anything in-between, ShopKeep's leading POS solution streamlines your day-to-day.

    ShopKeep POS at Juliannas Crepes