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ShopKeep’s tablet point of sale system speeds up, simplifies, and automates restaurant operations so you can focus on what’s important.

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ShopKeep’s Restaurant POS System at Your Service.

Everything about ShopKeep’s system is designed to help you turn, burn, and earn more efficiently than ever before.

Front and Back of House
Tableside Ordering
Mobile Business Insights
Staff Management
Reporting and Analytics
Customer Support
Customer Loyalty
Customizable Hardware
Integrated payment processing
Online Ordering
Integrated Accounting
Multi-Location Management
  • Front & Back of House

    Improve restaurant operations.

  • Tableside Ordering

    Offer speedy, accurate service.

  • Mobile Business Insights

    Learn, grow, earn, repeat!

  • Staff Management

    Manage your team smarter.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Use data to grow continuously.

  • Customer Support

    Enjoy peace of mind, 24/7.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Keep ‘em coming back!

  • Customizable Hardware

    Shape your setup to your needs.

  • Integrated Payment Processing

    Get the lowest integrated processing rate.

  • Integrated Accounting

    86 costly human errors.

  • Online Ordering System

    Take orders ahead of time.

  • Multi-Location Management

    Monitor multiple places at once!

  • Leading POS with the Track Record to Prove It

    Why trust your business’ future to a restaurant POS system that’s all sizzle and no steak?

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      20,000+ Customer Locations Use ShopKeep

    • Mobile Transactions Icon
      We Process Millions of Sales Transactions

    • Customer Care Icon
      24 / 7 Customer Care

    Don’t Just Turn Tables. Turn the Odds in Your Favor.

    The restaurant industry is cut-throat, we don’t need to tell you. Why not take advantage of our powerful POS software and give yourself a competitive edge?

    ShopKeep Register at Indus
  • Build Your Menu Easily

    Add new menu items, modifiers, and customize your register button layout.

  • Attract Regulars

    Turn new faces into regulars with gift cards and an integrated loyalty program.

  • Simplify Your Inventory

    Take the “ugggh...” out of inventory management (down to ingredient-level tracking!).

  • Improve Tableside Service

    Send orders right from the table to your kitchen using ShopKeep’s tablet point of sale.

  • Offer More Ways to Pay

    Accept all payment types from customers, including Apple Pay and EMV chip cards.

  • Increase Tip Size

    Make tips easier for customers, and larger for servers, with customizable suggested tip amounts.

  • Help Customers Find You

    Manage your restaurant’s online visibility across 100+ websites from one place!

  • Sync Checks Across Registers

    Keep all your checks in check by syncing them across multiple registers all at once.

  • Increase Profit Margins

    Make profitable decisions continuously using vital data (like top-selling menu items).

  • Manage On-the-Go

    Take care of business, from anywhere, on our smartphone app, ShopKeep Pocket.

  • You Work Hard Enough All Day (and Night). Let us Help.

    Take command of your business and its long‑term success today, with ShopKeep’s Restaurant POS System.

    Kitchen at Poboys

    Take command of your business and its long‑term success today, with ShopKeep’s Restaurant POS System.

  • Simple + Powerful Is Our Secret Sauce

    A business owner founded ShopKeep, so we get that simplicity is key. Our powerful, affordable tablet point of sale for restaurants scraps the need for expensive, clunky systems. That’s why we’re a leading POS system.

  • Your Business Never Sleeps. Neither Do We.

    Running a restaurant isn’t a ‘9-5’, it’s a sunup, sundown, and then some, scenario. That’s why our support team is always here to lend a helping hand by phone, chat, or text, 24/7. We can’t say the same for the other guys.

  • As Committed to Your Success as You Are

    We don’t just aim to support your business; we exist to support your dreams. That’s why we offer you a dedicated ShopKeep Expert to get you up and running and help you get the most from your Restaurant POS system.

  • You’re One-of-a-Kind, Not One-Size-Fits-All

    Your restaurant is unique, so why settle for uniform rates that don’t account for your volume or ticket size? We provide the lowest payment processing rates based on your specific needs. That means you keep more of your hard-earned money.

  • Want a Powerful, Dependable Restaurant POS System?

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    Restaurant POS Hardware That Keeps You out of the Weeds

    It’s your business don't make any compromises. ShopKeep has all the dependable, POS hardware for restaurants you’ll ever need: Cash drawers, kitchen and receipt printers, credit card readers, tablet-based registers… The works!

    • Store Front
      Bank for Your Buck

      Our POS hardware for restaurants won't break the bank, meaning you can save your money for other expenses.

    • puzzle
      Infinitely Customizable

      Whatever your one-of-a-kind restaurant needs, we've got it. Need guidance? We’ll help you pick the right hardware.

    • calendar
      1-Year Hardware Warranty

      ShopKeep gives a 1-year warranty (and overnights you a replacement) for complete peace of mind.

    • High Five
      Free, Quick & Easy Setup

      Most of our hardware is plug and play, but if you need help, our friendly, expert team will walk you through setup.

    ShopKeep POS Register

    Our Pricing Looks ‘Early Bird’ Compared to Our Competitors

    Other traditional POS systems’ offer one-size-fits-all pricing customized to your business’ needs. Save thousands of dollars compared to legacy systems and put the competitive advantage back in YOUR hands. Get in touch for a guided walkthrough and a free all-in-one ShopKeep quote.

    ShopKeep Register in Paladar
  • All-in-One Quote

    Save money with industry-leading bar POS software and the lowest integrated processing rate.

  • Hardware Consultation

    We’ll help determine the most efficient POS hardware setup for you, and what it costs.

  • Guided Walkthrough

    You’ll also see how our restaurant POS software helps make your workday less... work.

  • Get Started

    We’re Here for You 24/7 If ‘it’ Ever Hits the Fan

    • Calendar
      Free 24/7 Phone & Chat Support

      Sometimes, 'stuff' happens. And if it does, our award-winning support is here for you, for free.

    • Toolbox
      Free Guided Setup, in a Flash

      Our restaurant POS hardware is plug & play but if you’d like to chat through it, just give us a call!

    • Online Resources
      Free Resources on Demand

      More of a DIY type? Our robust library of support articles and FAQs will answer all of your questions.

    ShopKeep Capital Coins

    Funds to Help You Grow

    For eligible ShopKeep customers, ShopKeep Capital is an easy, fast way to access funding that you can use to buy inventory, source new equipment, hire extra staff, and more.

    Need a POS System for Your Quick-service Restaurant or Bar?

    ShopKeep’s tablet point of sale is as customizable and adaptable as those who survive the industry need to be!

    • Quick-Service

      Fast-Casual Restaurants

      Take more orders, bust long lines quicker, and fill your cash drawer to the brim, time and again.

    • Bars and Nightclubs

      Bars & Nightclubs

      Manage inventory down to the last drop while reducing theft and errors with smart cash management.