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The perfect POS for your specialty retail business


ShopKeep's easy-to-use iPad POS gives your business all the tools and data it needs to thrive.

Specialty retail employee scanning barcode.
  • Automate your Inventory

    ShopKeep iPad POS tracks your distinctive inventory for you, keeps you on top of your stock, and saves you hours counting your fingers and thumbs.

  • Speed through Transactions

    ShopKeep's customizable POS system allows you to go through customer transactions faster than ever, and even works if the internet decides to drop

Specialty retail business
  • Eye-opening Analytics

    With ShopKeep's detailed analytics, you can keep growing your unique store's profit margins by knowing which items are making you the most money.

  • Never miss a beat

    When you need to duck out, or- perish the thought- take a day off, you can keep track of your individual business' sales from your desktop or smartphone.

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Versatile Specialty Retail POS: The Cheeky Puppy Way

The Cheeky Puppy in Washington, DC used ShopKeep’s iPad POS to greatly increase transaction times, grow profit margins, and maximize profits.

Courtney Stamm

ShopKeep's software helps put hours back in my workweek by simplifying inventory management for my shop

Courtney Stamm, The Cheeky Puppy

Now that you know how ShopKeep operates as a specialty retail POS, the next step is to get a free customized quote for your specialty retail business.


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Or call us at 800 820 9814