ShopKeep benefits all types of businesses every day

Owners of sweetie pies on main

“ShopKeep POS was the best investment we made. If you are going to spend money on one aspect of your business, a strong POS system is the thing to spend it on.”

Sweetie Pies on Main

QSR point of sale ShopKeep

“When we were looking at our different options, the usability of ShopKeep’s interface was very clean and not overly layered. Other interfaces we looked had too many steps to complete a transaction.”

Kerber’s Farm

Owners of the Juice Box in New Haven, CT Sasha and Sammy

“We’re happy with ShopKeep. It’s simple to use, inexpensive, and the reporting tools allow us to identify trends and how they impact our business. If it’s cold and rainy, we know we’ll have less foot traffic, but have to prepare for an increase in deliveries.”

The Juice Box

ShopKeep iPad point of sale system on local business counter

“We were really sold on the reports. We Wanted something dummy-proof. The drag and drop functionality, makes it so easy to customize reports, quickly.”

The Stand

ShopKeep iPad cash register in the Sheep Shoppe

“Uploading inventory is quick and easy, and the reports help me understand what’s selling and what’s not so that I can make informed business decisions.”

The Sheep Shoppe

image of cashier with ShopKeep iPad point of sale

“We chose Shopkeep because we wanted something that was easy to use but robust enough to track large inventories.”

Treaty Oak Distillery

“We wanted a point of sale system for our Austin location that gave us control. We looked into five different POS systems; ShopKeep came out on top as our number one choice.”

Infinite Monkey Theorem

exterior of Friends and Neighbors in Austin

“Being able to keep tabs on my store while I’m on the go is great. I use the ShopKeep Pocket app all the time. It really helps me understand what’s going on in the cafe.”

Friends and Neighbors

FSRB small business owner

“When we were building the business – we were trying to make the place unique. ShopKeep has been really great in helping us evolve our pricing strategy. We also like that the software is very affordable and easy to use.”

Lady Camellia

ShopKeep POS Software Merchant Bakehouse in Washington, DC

“ShopKeep allows us to easily see top line revenue and how costs are affecting our bottom line. Being able to see what happens in real time and then adapt quickly has been a game-changer for us.”


ShopKeep retail merchant The Cheeky Puppy

“ShopKeep’s software helps put hours back in my workweek by simplifying inventory management for my shop.”

The Cheeky Puppy

“We’ve saved thousands of dollars so far by using this new technology to manage the restaurant.”

Kitchen Table Café

“ShopKeep makes it easy to review trends and forecast with accuracy when I’m buying inventory.”


“We started Ponshop on a shoestring budget. We needed ShopKeep to grow to where we are.”

Ponshop Studio

“ShopKeep helps me track the top selling items for our holiday promotions.”

Krön Chocolatier

“ShopKeep continues to make big updates. Everytime I check it out they’re a step further.”


“ShopKeep gives us time back to spend on our flowers and create the best customer experience.”

Opalia Flowers

“ShopKeep allows us to be diverse with our product mix and grow.”


“The ease of use, the affordability, the clarity – ShopKeep is a system that simplifies, not complicates.”

The Red Hook Winery

“We wanted simplicity and a more evolved POS solution on an iPad.”

Brooklyn Bell

“ShopKeep’s customer service is a cut above the rest. They really understand and relate to their customers.”


“I like ShopKeep for my business because we’re truly growing together.”

Brooklyn Flavors

“ShopKeep helps me understand my business from a broader perspective – knowing what we sell and when we sell it.”

Breukelen Coffee House

DJ’s Speeds Up Bar Checkout With ShopKeep

“My bartenders love ShopKeep because it’s quick and easy, and has drastically increased business for them.”

DJ’s On The Hill

darrins coffee shopkeep case study

“I stopped using Square because it wasn’t easy enough to make changes or track data. Now I can do both easily, anytime.”

Darrin’s Coffee

Boom Juice iPad POS Case Study by ShopKeep

“Our sales grew nearly 300% month-over-month when we started, and we hit profitability within just 3 months.”

Boom Juice

Restaurant and Bar POS Case Study

“The perfect balance between a traditional POS system and a simple cash register.”

The Double Windsor

Barsha Wines & Spirits Tasting Room

“We doubled our sales from year 1 to year 2.”

Barsha Wines & Spirits

Mexi Dogs Food Truck

“I use ShopKeep to track every component of each hot dog.”

Mexi Dogs

The Telluride Film Festival Crew Beside ShopKeep POS Kiosk

“We love how easy it is to get everyone up and running.”

Telluride Film Festival

Father and Son, Rob and Ben in their store, Stafford's Famous Chocolates, ShopKeep POS

“We can’t wait to use it in our third store.”

Stafford’s Chocolates

ShopKeep Merchant Glenn Izard, Owner of Nordic Nursery Smiling With His Wife

“I honestly can’t believe the difference.”

Nordic Nursery

ShopKeep POS Case Study San Francisco Skate Club

“It really streamlined the process of running our store.”

San Francisco Skate Club

ShopKeep Merchant, Ron LaQuaglia with his daughter in front of ice cream store

“The system is incredibly simple and easy to use.”

Glenburn Soda Fountain

ShopKeep Merchant, Chris McKellar stands behind the counter of his Ice Cream Shop

“It makes it so easy to map all your data to QuickBooks®.”

Love’s Ice Cream

Lucky Dogs DIY Dogwash, College Station, TX

“My employees used it immediately and intuitively.”

Lucky Dogs Dogwash

Ike at The Bean, New York, NY

“I get reports quickly anytime, anywhere I am.”

The Bean