ShopKeep benefits all types of businesses every day

QSR point of sale ShopKeep

“When we were looking at our different options, the usability of ShopKeep’s interface was very clean and not overly layered. Other interfaces we looked had too many steps to complete a transaction.”

Kerber’s Farm

Owners of the Juice Box in New Haven, CT Sasha and Sammy

“We’re happy with ShopKeep. It’s simple to use, inexpensive, and the reporting tools allow us to identify trends and how they impact our business. If it’s cold and rainy, we know we’ll have less foot traffic, but have to prepare for an increase in deliveries.”

The Juice Box

“We wanted a point of sale system for our Austin location that gave us control. We looked into five different POS systems; ShopKeep came out on top as our number one choice.”

Infinite Monkey Theorem

“ShopKeep’s customer service is a cut above the rest. They really understand and relate to their customers.”


“ShopKeep helps me understand my business from a broader perspective – knowing what we sell and when we sell it.”

Breukelen Coffee House

darrins coffee shopkeep case study

“I stopped using Square because it wasn’t easy enough to make changes or track data. Now I can do both easily, anytime.”

Darrin’s Coffee

Boom Juice iPad POS Case Study by ShopKeep

“Our sales grew nearly 300% month-over-month when we started, and we hit profitability within just 3 months.”

Boom Juice

Ike at The Bean, New York, NY

“I get reports quickly anytime, anywhere I am.”

The Bean