How Barsha Wines Used ShopKeep to Double Their Sales

“ShopKeep has given us a simple and easy way to track our growth and help us take Barsha to the next level. We doubled our sales from year 1 to year 2 and this system has not only helped us achieve that with our team, but has also made it easy to track important information like this as we continue to grow and improve the business.”

– Lenora Marouani, Co-Owner, Barsha Wines & Spirits Tasting Room, Manhattan Beach, CA

About Barsha Wines & Spirits Tasting Room

Husband-and-wife team Adnen and Lenora Marouani are seasoned veterans of the restaurant and hospitality industry. They’ve spent years working their way through Europe, Africa, and the United States, with Lenora honing her skills as a chef, while Adnen developed his deep knowledge of food and wine as an experienced restaurateur.

When they settled back to Manhattan Beach, CA, they sought to create a business doing what they love, while crafting an experience for their customers that is quite unique to others in their industry. They combined their knowledge of food and wine, with a desire to create a space of comfort and ease, to establish Barsha into what it is currently. Barsha combines a wine shop and tasting room, a tap room, and small eatery – all in one beautifully crafted space.

Simplicity and Innovation can coexist in small business technology

Gone are the days when you had to decide between whether you wanted something cool and innovative, or something simple and easy to use for your small business.

“When we were researching POS systems, there really was no comparison with the simplicity of ShopKeep. Most restaurant and bar systems were more bulky and you had to make an expensive upfront investment. The iPad on the other hand, was a great touch. When you see an iPad being used as a POS at a wine shop, a lounge, or restaurant, it really adds to the experience and feel of the place.”

Track all of the important metrics for your business

While running a multi-dimensional business like Barsha can make for a gratifying experience, it can also present challenges like tracking many different metrics. ShopKeep has alleviated these pain points by reducing the time spent monitoring these items.

“With respect to reporting, two things are especially important in the wine and food business: tracking inventory and keeping tabs of best sellers. ShopKeep tracks how much we have remaining in stock and what we need to order, and the trend report is especially helpful in showing us our top sellers and most popular items according to our customers.”

The bottom line

Whether you’re running a small wine shop or a business with as many moving parts as a bar or restaurant, ShopKeep can help you get closer to achieving your business goals by simplifying the difficult aspects of tracking, leaving you more time to spend connecting with your customers.

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