How to Start With a Bang: 300% Sales Growth Using ShopKeep

“We’re a true quick service business, so our success and growth is dependent on us running fast transactions for our customers. I noticed the benefit of having ShopKeep for this almost immediately. Our sales grew nearly 300% month-over-month when we started, and we hit profitability within just 3 months. We have our eyes set on expanding the business and ShopKeep is helping us do that.”

– Jessica Ventouras, Owner, Boom Juice, Dallas, TX

About Boom Juice

Jessica Ventouras has had a passion for juicing since her aunt introduced her to the craft as a young adolescent. When she moved to Dallas, Texas several years ago, she decided that it was time to take that passion from a hobby to a lifestyle, so she decided to open Boom Juice – an organic, cold-press juice shop and juice brand. Little did she know that so many people were going to share that sentiment and turn her small shop into a local favorite.

A POS Company That Will Grow With Your Business

Unlike most companies in the point of sale space, ShopKeep was actually founded by a small business owner. Jason Richelson has spent time behind the counter himself and understands the features and reports that really matter when you’re trying to grow a new business.

“We love the fact that ShopKeep is growing with us. It was a big deciding factor for me to know they will continue to improve the product and that they care about what their customers think. Some of the larger companies are not going to make key updates as consistently as ShopKeep does – and we need that as we grow the business.”

Email Receipts – During or After The Sale

In a high-volume environment like Boom Juice, where there isn’t a lot of time for face-to-face customer service, it’s important to find intelligent ways to connect with your customers.  By offering email receipts, Jessica is able to get through her lines more quickly, provide functionality that is increasingly expected by her customers, and collect customer information that she can use for email marketing.

“A really handy feature for us is being able to email receipts. It’s important while we’re running the sale because it saves a lot of time and most of our customers prefer it to a paper receipt. There are also times that customers ask for a receipt well after the transaction and, with ShopKeep, you can download it right from the BackOffice anytime and send it to them. It’s just another simple but useful customer service benefit of working with ShopKeep.”

The bottom line

Jessica made the decision to try ShopKeep for her business and saw its benefits almost immediately. She’s seen her sales consistently increase and now has an easy way to track that data and present it to her investors as they expand.

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