Local Café Owners Stay Connected & Informed With ShopKeep

“The true value of ShopKeep for me is the numbers, just helping me fully understand my business from a broader perspective. Being able to understand what we sell, when we sell it. That’s the real value.”

– Frank Warren, Co-owner, Breukelen Coffee House, Brooklyn, NY

About Breukelen Coffee House

Take a stroll through the Franklin Avenue neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn and you will immediately witness the appeal of Breukelen Coffee House. Owners Frank Warren and Jason Morgan opened the business in 2009, and since then it’s only continued to grow in popularity amongst local Crown Heights residents. Originally just a coffee shop, it’s now evolved into more of a café with a menu featuring delicious seasonal items made from locally sourced ingredients. Apart from Frank’s vibrant personality and connection to the local residents of the neighborhood, perhaps the most impressive aspect of Breukelen Coffee House is that the owners are thousands of miles apart. Jason is a Captain in the US armed forces, who deployed to Afghanistan shortly after opening the café and is now based in Hawaii. With cloud technology and ShopKeep however, he’s been able to still remain connected to the business he helped found over 5 years ago.

Understand the impact of each decision on your business

How do you easily measure the impact that every decision has on your small business? With ShopKeep, the answer is pretty straightforward: you use our simple and intuitive reports. Easily track sales before and after a specific item, or even see what share of your total sales each item contributes.

“We’ve just started selling food, so it was important for me to know what it was doing to our bottom line – whether it was adding to it or detracting from it. I’m happy to say that it’s been adding to it, but I would not have been able to know that as clearly without ShopKeep.”

Stay connected to your business from anywhere

With cloud-based reporting that continuously syncs, being limited to only viewing reports from your POS system is a thing of the past. Cloud technology has allowed even business owners abroad like Jason, to stay connected.

“My partner Jason is in the military now and deployed to Afghanistan about 3 years ago, and ShopKeep’s really helped him stay connected to the business. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be so far away from home and know that you have a fairly young business that you helped create. This has really helped him check on it from afar and stay connected.”

The bottom line

Frank and Jason have really utilized ShopKeep and the cloud to help manage their growing café together, despite being thousands of miles apart. They continue to add key elements to the business and track its success as it’s become a neighborhood favorite.

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