Artisanal Ice Cream Maker Upgrades From Square For First Brick and Mortar Store

“We decided in a day to go with ShopKeep. We wanted simplicity. I definitely wanted the iPad…I didn’t wanna have to spend a ton of money on a proprietary system. You don’t wanna fork out $20K for a POS system. $50 a month is pretty awesome. ShopKeep was honestly a no brainer.”

– Ron Cunningham, Co-owner, Brooklyn Bell’s The Local

About Brooklyn Bell

In 2011, husband-and-wife Ron and Kati Cunningham teamed up to create Brooklyn Bell Foods & Co., producing artisanal foods made from all-natural ingredients. At the time, the business was solely focused on creating food and ice cream, which they sold at special events and in local stores. Several years later, they opened their ice cream shop, Brooklyn Bell’s The Local in the up and coming Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. The store is popular for offering ice cream with a unique twist. All of their flavors are made with natural ingredients, with several containing various superfoods. After using Square to accept payments at events and shows, Ron decided his first retail store needed a more ‘evolved’, fully-featured solution that would fully track all of his business metrics – and help him make smarter business decisions.

Get as specific as you’d like with your reports

With a business like an ice cream shop, making data-driven decisions means having to track sales according to very specific and granular details, such as sizes and flavors. ShopKeep provides the flexibility to easily track both broad trends and very specific statistics.

“What’s really good for us about ShopKeep is the back end. We can break things down by not just scoops, but also flavors and individual toppings, so we can be very granular. As far as building the business, yeah it helps us to make decisions like ‘this flavor isn’t doing so well, or we need to adjust the portions of our coffee’, and stuff like that.”

Make changes to your register with ease

Do you carry seasonal items or experiment with new flavors frequently? No problem. Instantly change out your inventory and iPad button layout from any computer.

“We have a small dipping cabinet – we only carry 8 flavors, so being able to change the iPad layout on the POS is very important for us. We can just go in and create a new flavor, update the register and boom it’s there. You want to find something that’s just gonna be simple, flexible, robust in its data, and I would also say fairly inexpensive.”

The bottom line

When Ron opened his shop, he wanted a system that was simple and affordable, but also ‘evolved’ enough to provide him all of the information that he needed to run the business effectively. ShopKeep has provided him with flexibility and complete control over his store.

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